Lucky, LUCKY readers. Today?

You get to find out more about me because the WordPress folks* keep INSISTING that I write more…”meaty” bits.

They don’t know me very well yet.  Nor do your for that matter, so let me break it down.I was born in New Orleans.  I lived my first month in an orphanage in the Garden District.  Now don’t go get any ideas about how I’m damaged because of that, because I’m sooo not.  My mom and dad are AWESOME and brought us up properly.  We never heard one derogatory comment against anyone of another race, creed, gender, sexual-orientation…not ONE.  And I thanked my parents for this a month ago when my partner and I went back to Louisiana for their 50th anniversary.  I suppose their casual attitude of other lifestyles is due to the fact that we have many gay and lesbian members of my staggeringly large family.  For what it’s worth?  I owe a lot to my parents for that.

Let’s see…I was a normal-ish kid.  I graduated in 1988 so of course I was one of those goth kids.  We were (and still are) about Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Dead Boys and Iggy.  Oh, Siouxsie and the Banshees and God, so many more.  Strangely enough, no one messed with me, despite the fact I’m 5’0″ tall but I’m kinda mouthy, so there you go.  I went to HS in Houston (Lamar!) so it wasn’t super easy for me and my alt friends to be who we were (and still are) but we made due.  And we had a HELL of a lot of fun.


Didn’t mean to leave you hanging, but yeah, something happens…but my mate and offspring are hungry.  So I’m out to make some jambalaya.  Living in the North of the US (Chicago) is hilarious.  These people eat…odd things.

Nall's new dress mana-tombs

Shit, I forgot this bit:

  1. X-Men sucked.  And this is coming from a collector who began in 1985.  Anyway, I can’t put my finger on it yet what was bad about it but it was bad.
  2. This month’s LootCrate’s theme was Dystopian Worlds.  Featured were a Robocop t-shirt which I gave to the Boss, some Fallout figure that was Alex’s, a Terminator 2 spoon rest and a puzzle of the Matrix movie poster.  Plus an uncut house key from um…Secondlife?  Not sure…I play World of Warcraft, Star Wars, Diablos, SimCity, and Rollercoaster Tycoon (being obsessive/compulsive, plagued with depression, anxiety issues, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease  and being Bi-polar?  Micromanaging things in an imaginary theme parks is INCREDIBLY satisfying to me.
  3. Well, hope to remember to post soon..and I hope I don’t bleed profusely from my intestine either anytime soon.  You think you’d get used to that after 21 years, but…not so much.